Christabell Makokha

Director, Strategy and Learning

Christabell is the Country Director for Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program in Zambia. She has experience in strategy advisory and consulting having worked with clients in the private sector as well as in development; previous clients have included government and educational institutions, multi-lateral donors, pharmaceutical companies, and investors in the Agriculture, Global Health, and Financial Inclusion sectors. She has vast experience in performing market research and analytics to inform strategy, product development, and impact evaluation.

At the launch of AFA, Christabell worked with the program to explore opportunities for enhancing access to finance for smallholder farmers using digital platforms in Kenya and now in Zambia. Similarly, Christabell worked with Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSDK) to prepare a strategy around agricultural finance, based on FSDK’s capabilities, and aligned to their vision.

With an extensive understanding of financial and non-financial needs of smallholder farmers and potential models to address these issues, Christabell will be leading the overall implementation of the AFA program in Zambia, including establishing the Zambia office, developing, and leading partner engagements. Christabell holds AB and BE degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Dartmouth College, US.