Andrew Karlyn

Director for Strategy and Learning

Andrew leads Agrifin’s learning agenda across 40+ active engagements with the goal of measuring impact and guiding the learning agenda of digital finance products for small-holder farmers. Prior to, Andrew served as USAID’s Global Development Lab’s Africa Regional Advisor in East and West Africa respectively, supporting digital finance initiatives in health, social protection, agriculture, and democracy and governance.

Trained as a anthropologist, demographer, and behavioral scientist, Andrew designed and evaluated tech solutions across Africa including the delivery rural connectivity models, behavioral impact of IP messenging platforms, task-shifting tools for community health workers, and point-of-care user self-assessment tools in low-resource settings.

Andrew’s PhD in Demography is from the Univ. of London (LSHTM), an MSc in Anthropology and BA in International Relations from the Univ. of Penn.