Driving Scale

Mercy Corps’ AgriFin programming targets technology partners with existing platforms and solutions and helps them develop and scale delivery of viable, technology-enabled products and services for smallholder farmers. Specifically, AFA helps partners bundle products and services to maximize the potential for scale and impact to the farmer.

Through a combination of technical expertise and financial support for product and channel innovation, and building partnerships with qualified market actors on a cost-share basis, we can accelerate the delivery of demand-driven, viable, digital ecosystems of financial inclusion products and services for smallholders.

Our partners include mobile network operators, financial institutions, farmer networks, technology innovators, agriculture value-chain players, training organisations, government and other key market stakeholders.

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(Click to Enlarge) Some of the 's engagement partners
(Click to Enlarge) Some of the 's engagement partners

Engagement Model

(Click to Enlarge) AgriFin's Engagement Model
The guiding principles of our engagement model are:

1. Work with Institutions

Through intensive country level research, ecosystem outreach and due diligence, we identify high commitment, experience and potential partners to build demand-driven, financial services and farm management tools to serve SHFs across digital channels.

2. Farmers at the Center

We employ farmer-centric research and design methodologies to address farmer needs and preferences, working to promote active adoption of services for SHFs in each country, with a strong and consistent focus on the needs of women and youth.

3. Bundling

Bundling (joining products or services into a single combined or linked unit) can reduce service delivery costs and address customer awareness and uptake constraints. We bring together banks, mobile network operators, farmer aggregators, rural extension providers and platform managers to build comprehensive bundles of services for SHF.

Bundled Services Approach

We aim to develop a variety of new digitally-enabled financial and information services tailored to the needs of smallholder farmer (SHF), which can be delivered at scale. We expect that the most successful models can be replicated in markets where SHF face similar barriers to financial and technical services and markets.

We believe that iteration precedes innovation. The more often organisations experiment, iterate and learn from failures, the faster they can achieve breakthroughs and successfully drive scale.

We approaches bundling in a phased approach which sequentially adds products linked to farmer trust, demand and capabilities, layering in more complex products as farmers become more familiar with accessing the services via mobile and other digital channels.